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What Should You Expect?


On a day and time agreed between us I will come to your house and compile an inventory of what is to move on moving day. You will then be emailed a copy of the quote.



If you are happy with our quote then its time to start thinking about packing. Check out our list of packing tips or ask us to give you a packing quote



Trying to get removal dates sorted is never straight forward, when you've decided on a date let us know and we'll book you in! With sales things can change and we are very aware of this all we ask is that you keep us informed so changes can be made as soon as possible.


Moving Out

Moving day is here and you're all ready to go. We'll be there at the arranged time to talk you through what will happen. Our aim is to provide you with a stress free smooth move so just let us do what we do best.

Moving In

When you're all packed up we'll make our way to your new adddress to wait for keys (for a sale). Once we have keys its time to unload. We will unload furnite and belongings into the necessary rooms, it would be worth considering unloading your boxes into one room to give you more time and space to unpack.


Once you have settled into to your new home we ask if you could take a few minutes to leave us a review.

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