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Packing Tips

1. Sell things you no longer need and give you old unwanted items to charity
2. Check out our insurance details (we can email you these at your request) to check out items we are not insured to carry e.g paint, valuables
3. Start with the rooms you need the least. It make sense to pack the things you dont use on a daily basis first. Seasonal items your currently not using e.g gareden tools, coats and christmas decorations are perfect examples
4. Use the stickers and lables we can provide you with to label the rooms in your new home and colour code the boxes to make the whole move much easier! Just ask us for the stickers when you're ready to pack
5. Leave things in drawers and cupboards. This will mean less to pack and more space in the van
6. Pack clothes, bedding, soft toys etc into bin liners. These can then go inbetween gaps in the load to save on space
7. Pack a box with everything you'll need straight away e.g kettle, tea, coffee (or wine!), sugar, cups, spoons, phones, chargers, valuables and medication. Take this with you in the car
8. Consider using one room to put all of you boxes and bags into. This then gives you more space around the house to unpack
9. Why not take the stress out of your move completely and let us pack for you? We offer a full packing service
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